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Bridge Joint Systems

The Deery Flexable Bridge Joint System™ (FBJS) is a unique blend of modified asphaltic binders, select aggregates and other modifiers pre-measured and combined to create an “all in one box” asphaltic bridge-joint system that eliminates the chaos and guesswork associated with field mixing.

The factory-blended material is heated and dispensed directly into the joint block-out where it is leveled and allowed to cool. Compaction is not required. The smooth surface of the installed system reduces stress on the structure and can be snow-plowed in winter. The FBJS is highly resistant to water intrusion and to a wide range of salts.

  • Durable: Highly resistant to water intrusion and a wide range of salts, bases and organic materials.
  • Accurate: Factory-blended materials ensure consistent results and eliminates field-mix errors joint after joint.
  • Economical: Joints can be completed with a small crew and with minimal equipment. No compaction is required.
  • Minimum traffic interruption. Installation can be done in a single-lane work zone. The completed joint is ready for traffic as soon as it has cooled.

DEERY’s innovative system ELIMINATES troublesome buckets, bags, open flames, concrete mixers, wheelbarrows, unmeasured temperature, propane bottles, rusty plate, rakes, compactors and the expense of larger work crews.

The Deery Flexable Bridge Joint System™ (FBJS) uses a unique blend of modified asphaltic binders and select aggregates that are factory blended to create an easy, “all in one box” solution.

  • Smooth riding and long lasting
  • Highly maintainable
  • Finished work is known as “The Quiet Joint”
  • Reduces impact stress on the overall structure

The Deery Flexable Bridge Joint System™ (FBJS) is intended for use, in either exposed concrete or asphalt-overlaid decks, as a replacement for existing small-movement expansion devices or as a first-installation small-movement joint. Do not install the product in excessive skew, incline, or severe stop-and-go configurations. The Deery Flexable Bridge Joint System is perfect for:

  • New construction
  • Joint replacement
  • Exposed concrete or asphalt overlaid decks

Factory-blended materials combined with state-of-the-art mixing and installation techniques result in smooth, quiet, maintainable joints.

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