Deery Pavment Preservation Products

DEERY Brand of Pavement Preservation Products include a broad range of superior quality ASTM, AASHTO, FAA, Federal and Specialty products for new construction and preventative maintenance of asphalt and concrete applications around the world.

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When it comes to durable repairs, Deery’s got the name.

DEERY’s proprietary formulations include a full range of Crack Sealants and Fillers. Our brand name products include Super Stretch®, and Level & Go®. Our FBJ-6297 Bridge Joint System® is suitable for joint replacement and new installation of expansion bridge joints, and has been noted for its ease, efficiency and outstanding results.

When the damage has progressed beyond the limits of sealing or filling, you need Deery Level & Go Repair Mastic®. Mastics go down easy, wear long, and are smooth riding. Formulated to deliver a durable, load bearing patch, they’ve become a FAA top choice for jet aircraft runways. Deery Level & Go Repair Mastic®…your best bet for a long wearing patch that outperforms traditional concrete or asphalt patching materials.

DEERY’s own Bridge Joint System® is a better system for the new construction or repair of expansion bridge joints. Our exclusive material formulation and application procedure virtually eliminates rutting and migration, and produces a smooth riding, long lasting joint, that's ready for traffic as soon as the material cools.

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